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The GamePrime Mover is a ZX Spectrum-style platformer. Including stunning solid black backgrounds, 1-bit music and sounds, and unforgiving (but hopefully fairer) gameplay.The StoryA mining research facility on Mars' moon Phobos has lost contact with Earth. The station is to be decommissioned, that's where you come in...InstructionsYou can use WASD/Arrows or a gamepad D-Pad to move. Spacebar, Z, B, or the gamepad button 0 for actions.Please see in-game info screen (press 1 from main menu) for instructions on how to play.---The game is now complete!Any feedback is appreciated.http://www.indiedb.com/games/prime-mover---v1.1 changes:- added keys Z and B as alternative to Spacebar.- added checkpoints at unlocked doors and key points, continue can be used 3 times.- small changes to some enemies.


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